Maitland Tag Team electricians will visit your workplace or residence to ensure that electrical equipment (when tested) is safe for use. Our professional staff adhere to the highest service standards and all testing is conducted in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZ 3760, WH&S 2011 and Workcover NSW.

Test & Tag

RCD Testing

Microwave Testing

* Terms:

  • Minimum charge $60 for under 15 items
  • Up to 50 items $4.00 per tag
  • Over 50 up to 100 items $3.80 per tag
  • Over 100 items $3.50 per tag
  • All prices +GST.

Please note that AS3760 states that if an appliance is supplied by a removable cord set then the cord AND the appliance need separate tests. For example, a laptop charger and its removable cord need separate tests

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