RCD Testing Maitland & Newcastle

A residual current device (RCD) is a safety device either fitted in your switchboard, in a power point or a portable unit. It is sometimes known as a “Safety Switch”. They are designed to cut power to the circuit almost instantaneously if a dangerous situation occurs. Thus preventing electrocution.

RCD Tests

Here at Maitland Tag team we can test and tag your Fixed or portable RCD units in accordance with AS NZS 3760:2022. This is conducted with an RCD tester. The trip times and trip current are recorded for each unit to ensure they operate within the correct parameters.

As this test briefly interrupts your power supply we are happy to conduct it at a time which causes least disruption to your business, even at weekends should this be necessary.

All general power and lighting circuits should be protected by RCD’s. We can fit RCD’s to your switchboards if they are unprotected. Remember RCD’s save lives.

Reminder Service

As retest times differ according to the nature of your workplace we will send you a reminder when re testing is due to ensure you remain compliant.